Julian Hill MP Federal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill is elected to represent the Bruce electorate in the Australian parliament and the Albanese Labor government.

Julian is available to help people in Bruce with anything involving the Australian government.

Julian Hill MP available to help

And provide useful information including his Handy Local Guide to services, Pensions Guide, and the Bruce Community Newsletter.

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ChatGPT: the canary in the coal mine

Action to grapple with the impact of artificial general intelligence is now urgent. Australia can lead the way. Read this speech

Yes! Referendum mythbusters

The case for 'yes' is overwhelming and the 'no' case is based on lies, misinformation and disinformation.   Read this speech

Robodebt - they should all resign in disgrace

Of all the disgraceful scandals and rorts of the previous government, Robodebt was right at the top. The Federal Court found it was illegal. It destroyed lives.

Australia must make more things here

We're now around the lowest for manufacturing self sufficiency of any developed country. That's the record from the former government.  Read this speech

Inconvenient facts, about the cost of living

The cost of living has two aspects: money out and money in. I know that Australians are perfectly well aware of both sides of that equation.

Hope for TPV/SHEV visa holders

I don't think any of us could truly understand the abject terror that is caused from a temporary visa status—the threat of deportation hanging over your head...