Julian Hill MP Federal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill MP available to help

Julian Hill is available to help people in the Bruce electorate with anything involving the Australian government.

And provide useful information including a handy local guide to services, Pensions Guide, and the Bruce Bulletin.

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Australia needs to make things again

The COVID pandemic made it clear that Australia needs to be a country that manufactures more things here, and supports homegrown businesses and industries.   Read this speech

Truth: Karma bus has caught up with the PM

The problem isn't actually that the Liberals hate Scott Morrison and each other. Or that Scott Morrison is a liar and a fraud. The problem is, they are not doing their job.   Read this speech

The aged care crisis is a national emergency

Staff shortages, aged care residents unable to be fed or bathed, over 600 deaths this year alone - the Minister and the Prime Minister need to go.   Read this speech

Stop the privatised cashless pension card

As part of Labor's continuing fight to stop Scott Morrison's cashless pension card, Julian Hill has introduced a bill in parliament to scrap the card.

Scott Morrison's unconstitutional attack on class actions

The Liberals' new laws denying justice to millions of Australians hurt by big corporations or the government are wrong.   Read this speech

Morrison failed Australians with family in Afghanistan

Afghan-Australians telephone their wives, daughters, sons, sisters, mothers, brothers in Afghanistan. Crying, knowing that every call may be the last.   Read this speech