Julian Hill MP Federal Member for Bruce

Julian Hill can help

Julian Hill MP available to help

Julian Hill is available to help people in the Bruce electorate with anything involving the Australian government. And provide useful material including coronavirus information, and a  handy local guide to government and community services.


The Prime Minister is a fake

Mr Morrison makes announcements but never delivers. It's all about the photo-op —the daggy dad, the daggy hat, playing an ordinary suburban guy - who happens to be PM and a Liberal Party hack.

Morrison's attacks on the Auditor-General

Speaking out against Scott Morrison's attempts to hide his rorts, waste, and corruption by cutting the Auditor-General's budget and refusing to introduce a National Integrity Commission.

The Budget's forgotten people

More Australians will be unemployed because of the Morrison budget failures. No plan for jobs. No investment in childcare or social housing. Just cuts to super, JobSeeker and JobKeeper.

Climate change and jobs

Australia needs to invest in cheaper, cleaner energy to create secure jobs for the future. Climate Change and Jobs Forum held with Rebecca Huntley, Mark Butler, and South East Climate Action.

Peace accord in Cambodia 29th anniversary

Australia and the world made a promise to the Cambodian people to support peace, democracy and human rights.  Sadly now, Hun Sen's gangster regime is leading the country away from these goals.

100,000 Australians deserve an apology

I gave the Immigration Minister a chance to apologise to 100,000 Australians waiting for partner visas. He failed, literally turning his back. No answers. Just more spin.